Emotional marketing

What controls behavior?

What drives a person's behavior and their decision to make a purchase? Emotions. They are all mixed together and depend on each other. For example, there is no “pure” feeling of guilt or fear. Emotions are intertwined like a color spectrum, a small movement along which already generates the appearance of new feelings.

The creator of such a theory, Robert Plutchik, established that eight emotions are basic, and all the others arise by mixing them.

Opposite basic emotions:


Fear - anger

Trust - displeasure

Joy - sadness

Surprise - expectation

In marketing, there are two types of emotions that influence the decision:

The current ones are those that the customer feels at the time of ordering. For example, an upset customer may refuse to buy, and an angry or hungry one, on the contrary, quickly decides to buy
Future - emotions that will take hold of a person after purchasing a product or service. For example, such are joy, feelings of security and comfort
Companies try to anticipate the current emotion, adjust to it and simultaneously sell the future one. This approach is actively used to promote business through advertising tools.

Emotions that companies use to increase sales

One of the most powerful emotions of a person that pushes you to buy. Fear is a reaction to a threat (reputation, security, failure) or, for example, to a feeling of loneliness, depression. The nervous tension from these sensations provokes flight or the search for a solution, a way out.


In marketing, brands use fear in several ways to increase sales:

They focus on the negative consequences of imperfect actions. Order now, the promotion will disappear in 1 hour. There is only 1 product left. Book now.

They pay attention to personal problems. If you don't start taking care of your health today, in 5 years you will turn into an infirm person.  All drug marketing companies are based on the fear of disease.
They show the sad story of those who did not order a service or a product. Meet Anya. She decided that mastering an online profession is not serious. Now she has big financial problems: an apartment debt, 4 loans, an unloved job offline.
The human subconscious does not determine an unreal reason to be afraid of a fictional one, specially shown to him. A frightening picture causes anxiety, which I want to get rid of as soon as possible by purchasing a service, sending an order. Marketing actively uses fear to achieve goals.

Since all emotions are connected, other sensations are combined with fear. The fear of judgment causes a sense of guilt. Losses are greed. Dangers - safety. Fear of error is confidence. The fear of becoming the same provokes disgust.

Security and confidence
Marketers use security in many areas - personal peace of mind, a stable career, children, good Internet, a reliable home. That is, where a person can feel threatened. When using advertising for comprehensive promotion, companies often focus on security.

And confidence arises when a person feels safe. This is the basis for advertising cars, insurance companies, banks.


Shame and guilt
These feelings are related, but are used with great care. Improper use of them can cause a mountain of negativity.

Many companies have a promotion strategy based on ideals and comparing them with ordinary people. A sporty girl looks great, but you're not. Everyone already has the latest iPhone, but you don't have it yet.

The desire to stand out
The desire to be “like everyone else” turns into a desire to be better than everyone else. A person wants to declare himself, get recognition, prove that he is worthy.

How do companies promote their business with this:

They emphasize that it is their products that will elevate the buyer above others. Will make him the best among friends, acquaintances.
They provide an individual approach. They offer flexible terms of service, personal discounts - everything that will allow the client to feel his uniqueness.

An example of Megafon advertising, where it is openly proposed to be the first with the help of super-fast mobile Internet.


Additional discounts, promo codes, bonuses - everything is here. It is based precisely on greed. In any person there is a desire to pick up better, save more. It is a universal marketing promotion tool. It is suitable almost always. Gift upon purchase, bonuses, three for the price of two, reduced price only today.


Family values, love
Such feelings are usually directed at loved ones, since it is with them that we are ready to share something good. Juices, baby food, chocolates are built precisely on care, tenderness, love.

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