Minimalism rules!

The main thing in creating a website is not to overdo it.

Yes, I always want to fit as much information as possible on a web page (especially if the client really, really wants to order such a site), but this is inefficient. The trend 2019-2020 is minimalism. Now this style in web design is at the peak of popularity. It is characterized by conciseness, simplicity and accuracy. This applies to all elements: fonts, color palette, design. Also, a minimalistic website assumes a lot of free space (especially around the central images). The most important thing in such a design is the emphasis on a certain type of content (text block, photo, company logo), which would not compete with other elements, for example, navigation or contact information.


In order to make the page lively and interactive, it is allowed to include animation, but it must be unobtrusive and made in the same color scheme as the main design of the site. As for the text, sharp calibration is welcome in minimalism – huge or, conversely, small inscriptions placed on a contrasting background. This technique allows you to create a focus and focus the user's attention on the desired content.

What are the advantages of minimalism in web design?
Complete order. The absence of unnecessary objects, pictures, banners is one of the basic principles that designers adhere to when creating a website. Simple elements without pretentiousness, an orderly and functional menu will allow the visitor of the resource not to be distracted, but to fully focus on the most important thing.


We highlight the important. Notable objects that are worth paying attention to significantly increase the conversion rate of the site.


Space for creativity. In fact, minimalism helps to unleash the creative potential of the designer, forcing him to include non-standard thinking and find a simple but effective solution in the design of the page, and it almost always turns out to be the most effective.


Less coding. When creating a layout, a specialist should think about how the site will work in the future. If you forget about this and trust the flight of imagination, then the layout designer will wake up in a cold sweat, not knowing how to implement the idea. Due to its simplicity and structuring, it is much easier to create a minimalistic website than a web page overflowing with all kinds of objects.


Fast loading. Obviously, a simple website will load much faster, which is very important not only for the user, but also to create an overall impression of the site and SEO.


Usability. A layout containing few elements is easier to work with. Judge for yourself, Facebook has thousands of items and distracting objects, so it's not so easy to figure it out, especially for a novice user. But the functionality of Instagram is accessible and understandable. This is achieved primarily due to a simplified structure that makes visitors feel at home on the site and adapt to the interface management faster.



Why do they make a website? To give the user the opportunity to quickly find the necessary information. Minimalism in design helps him focus on the content – this is what most users want when they are looking for information. A "sheet" of text, constantly pop–up banners, colors in the style of "tear out the eye" - such pages are never fully viewed. If you do not want to use the considered approach in creating an online service, then at least borrow some principles to implement a truly high-quality and effective project.

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