A little bit about illustrations

We do turnkey projects

It doesn't matter which ones - it's important what tasks the client sets for us. It is not difficult to develop a website design and functionality if there is a good team. It is more difficult (and more interesting) to integrate the project into the client's business by creating promotion tools, thereby solving the necessary problems. But it's not about that. Always apart - illustrations. Not high-quality images on paid stock, but graphic projects developed turnkey for specific requirements or for the soul, but applicable in business.


We discussed among the studio staff and came to the conclusion that the authors of the illustrations are special people who see the world differently, who can create and show another world, other colors in a short time in the illustration. In a short period of time, magic is created. I find it difficult to name such works in another way. 


Artists create their paintings for months, years, and sometimes decades. It may take hundreds of years for a work to be understood and recognized. This may not happen. The task of the illustrator is to create a work for specific requirements, here and now. If the illustrator makes a mistake and his work is not understood, then maybe the project for which the illustrations were created will not be understood, will not work, will be a commercial failure. This contradicts the very essence of the illustrations, so the task must be solved without fail. The conclusion can be made as follows: to create a work in the shortest possible time, for a specific task, taking into account the content of the project - to create a commercial work. It seems that we have chosen the right name.


It is necessary to rationally approach the fact of the need for author's illustrations in the project. This is a very delicate moment, expensive, with a good risk of "not getting in". Each author has his own style, and the project has its own - you need to carefully, at the very beginning, build a general concept. The big question is what should be "prioritized" - a project with illustrations or illustrations with a project. If there are financial opportunities and a little more time for the project than usual, we definitely recommend ordering author's illustrations. Your Internet project will definitely benefit from this, will get originality, will sparkle with magical colors. Often it is uniqueness, the advantage of standing out from the gray mass of template projects, that is the main task that the Client sets for us.

From the developer of our team, personal opinion

"During my school years, I drew the best in class and in parallel, probably. Since 2006 I have been engaged in printing and design, since 2009 I started doing web design and I perfectly understand what a creative process is, for me even writing code is a creative process. But here are the illustrators, I've never understood them and for me personally it's not about the work of the hemispheres. These are very strange creatures whose world somehow works differently. They are neither artists nor techies, but they perform highly technical creative work in a short time. Well, here's an artist -- he's been painting for years, painstakingly, long, hard. Imagine an illustrator who will draw an illustration for a glossy magazine for several months?


There are no such. Because illustration is always fast. Look at any drains with illustrations by the authors - they have hundreds of works, in different styles, an incessant flow of creative unusual forms. As if they don't need inspiration and they don't make technical mistakes in the process. People who have comprehended the secrets of the universe so much that they, as if, do not even need to invent anything, as if a stream of solutions and ideas passes through them and splashes out of their hands with ready-made pictures. Creepy, in short."

The authors of the project