Strange things

I'm balancing

In my professional field, I balance between working for someone, on a project basis, and the parallel development of the analytics and web design studio on whose website you are currently. Just as I am often surprised by the inappropriate behavior of managers or owners of the business for which I work, I am also surprised by the behavior of some contractors, my partners or potential customers. I wanted to share a couple of cases that I didn't understand at all. You think that everything should be logical, all people are in business, in the topic, everything is transparent, but it is as it is.

Passport or not

On the Internet, there are many topics on forums with the question of whether an individual entrepreneur is required to provide his passport. When concluding contracts, a copy of the passport is indeed often requested. Looking ahead, I will write that I believe that no one is obliged to provide their personal data to someone. This requirement, as far as I know, is not supported by legislation, which means it is unreasonable. But that's not the point. The main thing is that many can easily refuse profitable cooperation simply because a poor sole proprietor was afraid to advertise his data (in the modern gray world, a copy of a personal document sent to someone's mail can turn into numerous applications for loans, for example). If you, as an individual entrepreneur, and like any other conscientious person, thoroughly approach your business, then you should have such things as a website, portfolio, social media groups, completed cases and satisfied customers, after all. You also have a fresh extract from the USRIP (it can be generated in five minutes), a copy of the registration certificate. Almost all data is open online. By INN, you can find out almost everything. Isn't all this enough to understand good intentions? Few. Neither you, with your favorable offer, nor your accumulated experience, nor effective solutions are needed. Need a passport! As a person who often suffers from his excessive honesty and a heightened sense of justice, this approach depresses me. I can still understand when not quite adequate wishes are put forward by large companies that are not as important to your product or service as the opportunity to reinsure themselves several times. However, they are reinsured in one direction – if you put forward mirror requirements, then they will refuse to work with you with a high probability. It's weird!


Such a case happened to me not so long ago. We formed a good offer, signed a contract, having conducted high-quality negotiations at a personal meeting. Then the client disappeared for a month, after which the lawyer got in touch and demanded all possible documents, including a copy of the passport. To my question - "How is this justified?", the answer was "I am an acting lawyer, you are obliged to provide everything at the conclusion of the transaction, read on the Internet!". Oh, these acting fans of Themis! And where are the links to articles and laws? No! "On the Internet." As a result, they refused to cooperate. We lost a good client, and the client lost a really good offer.


Do people really not understand that if someone wants to deceive someone, if a person consciously enters into a deal with such a task, a copy of the passport will not help from the word "at all"?

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