Trends 2020: fashionable logo!

It's time to look to the future!

The time to sum up 2019 is over. It's time to look into the future and find out about the most anticipated "logo trends" according to Logaster.


It's simple

Simplicity never goes out of fashion. Simple logos are comfortable to perceive and practical. Due to the fact that the elements are distributed in a logical sequence, site navigation becomes as convenient and smooth as possible. It is easier for the user to highlight important information, accept and understand it. In addition, if you remove or at least mute some elements of the logo, the obsession that interferes with web surfing disappears.


Newfound geometry

Geometry is eternal, and in 2020 it will come out of a flat state and acquire volume, interlacing, bends. The picture of the shapes on the logos will be similar to Low poly, a style that suggests using a three-dimensional model with several polygons.


Original fonts

If we take all the logos, it turns out that 30% of them are just text logos, 65% are text + graphics, 5% are exclusively a picture. From such statistics, we can conclude that the text component needs to be worked on and changed. In 2020, a real explosion in the work on letters and words is expected. They will be presented with original typography, in which different fonts will be combined, and unexpected accents will be exposed.

Figures – in letters!

The two previous trends simply have to merge together. Geometric typography is something that can preserve lightness and arouse genuine interest in a trademark.


This long-lived brand name modeling continues to gain popularity. To give life and movement to minimalistic and concise logos, the gradient is suitable like no other technique.


Piling up details
Let's remember 2018. Designers filled the entire logo space, trying to fit the maximum amount of information in it. In 2019, a "blank slate" came into fashion, allowing you to concentrate on the important. 2020 is a year of piling up elements, but not in order to attack the user. A lot of details are designed to evoke emotions, attract the eye with their "illogicality" and "wrongness".


Bold designers resort to a chaotic arrangement of elements. They use the principles of non-standardness and asymmetry to make the sign eccentric, but self-sufficient. Such a rebel logo will protest against ossification and rules with all its appearance. It is important not to overdo it and keep the information message and harmony!


Thickness and scale
Part of the brand name can be distinguished by breaking its proportions. This technique looks great on the text. In 2020, we will have to watch an interesting game with a scale and thickness that will help create a solid, but original image.


Text Destruction
Destruction in the text means an incomplete display of the letter, in other words, it may lack separate lines. This technique in 2020 will be one of the components of a new trend, which will be complemented by the fading of the symbol and the depletion of its contours. This logo looks unusual and makes you take a closer look. The main thing is that it remains readable and aesthetic.


They are widely used in corporate graphics and will also undergo changes. True emblems – complex, but minimalistic trends will take over. The logo will not disappear anywhere, but it will become simpler, clearer and easier to understand.
That's what the coming year is preparing for us. We will wait for new design solutions and compare them with forecasts.

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