Our average package of services

  • 1

    General "introduction and maintenance"

    • Niche analytics, identification and positioning of competitors and their offers;
    • Building a portrait of the target client, segmentation of target audiences;
    • Analysis of the internal structure of the campaign within the digital sales funnel, sources of attracting commercial and informational traffic, creation of unique and elaboration of promotional offers;
    • Development of a new target audience, scaling of sales processes.
  • 2


    • Primary SEO optimization, planned SEO updating by period;
    • Copywriting, SEO work with site sections, work with semantics;
    • Работа со ссылочной массой – закупка, систематизация закупки качественных ссылок, фильтрация качества площадок.
  • 3

    Creating advertising campaigns

    Yandex.Yandex. Direct turnkey without restrictions

    • Collecting the semantic core. Keywords + minus words;
    • Coordination, adjustments if necessary;
    • Allocation and coordination of advantages. Coordination of types and gradations of target audiences;
    • Creating ads with grouping keywords by frequency and meaning - due to the appearance of the "few impressions" status, this is a necessary measure (+ headlines with the occurrence of the keyword, selling texts);
    • Approval of the finished company. Setting up the RC (choosing the optimal strategy, cross-backing phrases, setting parameters, etc.);
    • Configuring extensions (sitelinks, callouts, business card);
    • The breakdown of an advertising campaign into several – by geographical feature, the desired property of the audience (if necessary).
  • 4

    Conducting advertising campaigns

    • Working with advertising campaign statistics, adjusting settings;
    • Control/analytics of search results;
    • Testing of ads, selection of the optimal option;
    • Constant elaboration of negative keywords;
    • Online monitoring of the work of the RK, analysis of the behavioral factor of visitors, analysis of the optimal period of demand, adjustment of the percentage ratio of rates;
    • Adding new keys, optimizing old ones. Updating the entire database of keywords;
    • Optimization of the conversion cost (possible only after statistics for a certain period are collected);
    • Daily tracking of bids, adjustments. Only handmade;
    • Clear reports.
  • 5

    Development and maintenance of social networks

    • Promotion of your product in social networks: increase in audience and sales; increase brand awareness; gain reputation, retention and achievements of regular customers. We have a selection of bloggers and verified groups in our arsenal..
    • Targeted advertising is a tool that is able to bring the target flow of customers. Trust our experience, your competitors are not using the maximum of opportunities and options. We own more than 15 sites, where applicable. We will create an effective strategy that will bear fruit within a week.
    • We generate content of any complexity. From graphic design to full-fledged production.
  • 6

    Additional traffic sources

    • Google contextual advertising for any regions except Russia;
    • Yandex.Business. Company promotion on maps;
    • Reputation study (SERM/ORM). The accumulation of positive feedback and opinions;
    • Marketplace;
    • Development of a narrowly focused offer. Yandex.Services, Avito, Yula;
    • Email-marketing. Electronic mailings on a high-quality database with well-developed visits to the target audience.

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