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Chat where you can swear with obscenities

When they forbid swearing in social networks, and most likely they will soon forbid swearing everywhere, on the Internet and even at home. Therefore, we have created a corner of freedom, where you can go at any time and swear under a cup of coffee. It will only benefit. Come and swear.

Concept comic for the Golden Apple brand

A comic about heroes whose images are played by bloggers.
The background locations become cleaner and neater with each movement.

In the episodes, you need to integrate cosmetics or objects-references to the golden apple, scatter Easter eggs and triggers for the interaction of the audience that will watch it (for example, collected all the Easter eggs received a prize).

It is necessary to alternate the real images of the characters with their drawn prototypes.
The comic is global, divided into cycles.

Cartoon for Tinder

Baduu made a funny promotional video of its services, and we took it and, without asking anyone, made our own version for Finder. It turned out funny and thinner, in our opinion.

A store where you can "buy" false faces of Internet stars

Have you heard about the Moscow metro? There the passage will now be paid by the person! Now you can't jump over the turnstile so easily!
And why?
When you can buy a "face"-a celebrity mask.
They don't need your subway anymore.

But they can "chip in" for a trip.
We've been scratching in the pocket of the stars here and decided to share their travel tickets with the world!

Perpetual calendar

A joke calendar for the malice of the day, which Russian social networks refused to advertise. They were just scared. They did not place targeted advertising under various pretexts, and then refused with the comment "contradicts the views of the social network." It's funny how irony and humor can frighten social monopolists. We are not discouraged and advise everyone!

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