Digital turnkey
for apartment renovation

07 April 2022

One of our favorite cases. Complex and instructive.
Two managers organized an apartment repair service, while the quality was above average, due to friendly teams and personal control of the work by the owners. It is clear that this is not enough for digital. In fact, for the outside, for potential customers – everything was the same as for the rest. The advantages were typical, there was no uniqueness (except for the statement that our prices are the best, and the quality is sky-high *yawns*), there was no special benefit for customers either (yes, yes - free shipping, discount in building markets, cleaning after repairs *yawns again*).

Within the overheated niche, maximum competition, all these factors have become a real problem.

Our main idea is to make a brand and launch production.

  • quality

    which no one knows about
  • brand

    everything is like everyone else's
  • serm

    no customer support
  • ↓ digital

    banal direct
  • all at once

    the desire to cover everything possible with a low budget
  • partnership

    we came up with an affiliate network

  • brand

    recognizable basis in digital

  • media

    business owners have become bloggers

  • digital

    everything is turnkey =)

  • SERM

    working with reputation: reviews, feedback, reviews

  • uniqueness

    they came up with something that no one has

  • content

    launched production

Not all of our ambitious plans have been implemented as we wanted. The result was the maximum, within the limits of possible resources. But it could have been done better.

By production. At the facilities, the situation was not as ideal as we assumed from the words of the founders. The foremen were poorly oriented in the task sequences, it was difficult to work with them on camera. Business owners who were supposed to become "faces" quickly lost interest (shooting is really a very difficult and nervous process), plus they turned out to be shy in front of cameras. As a result, it turned out to stand out from the gray mass of similar businesses, it turned out to warm up the audience, it turned out to increase the degree of trust in the brand, but the scale was not the same at all; the media didn't work out.

Otherwise, everything worked as it should. It is important to segment the audience, increase the reach of a more solvent audience.

  • + orders

    the affiliate program works well
  • 2.2 receipt

    more money
  • trust

    more customers
  • expertise

    Higher percentage of closing deals
  • ↑ digital

    good budgets – good coverage

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