Comprehensive promotion of
office interiors hypermarket

June 01, 2020

We love design. Any. The business combines work on interior design and trade in decorative elements (for example, a huge assortment of artificial plants). The guys worked well and, thanks to word of mouth, were and are quite successful. But we need to develop.

Of all the means, digital is an Internet site that presents and shows. That was enough. And after communicating with us, no.

  • no

    corporate identity
  • questions

    no answers
  • more than 30%

    lost profits annually
  • unprofitable

    non-selling online store
  • impossibility

    scaling business to regions
  • smart digital


  • + 6

    new tools

  • comprehensive

    approach to problems

  • advanced


  • catch

    target market in the network

  • highlight

    among the competitors

We have selected, worked out and connected the optimal set of marketplaces.
We have perfectly configured (this means that connecting all types of advertising campaigns is not an indicator of effective work), cost–effective and accentuated.

Positive indicators have grown significantly (sales, too), regular corporate clients and partners have appeared.

  • +300%

  • -20%

  • It's easier now

    do what you really love
  • competitors

    on the sidelines
  • we went in

    to new regions
  • beautifully

    and most importantly profitable

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