Comprehensive promotion of
Mexican restaurant

May 10, 2021

Many establishments, saddened by the lack of guests, usually forget about the most important thing. To revitalize your place, you need to perk up yourself. And first of all, you need to start reviving from the inside and then transfer this energy into the network by inertia. Even then, this powerful force will create a productive return in the opposite direction.

Just about this, in short, this project of a Mexican restaurant. But what has been done and what is the outcome?

  • envy

    competitors on the contrary
  • nicky

    average check
  • even

    on weekends, the wilderness
  • gone

    in the negative
  • rent

    nothing to pay with
  • revive

    restaurant events

  • catchy

    corporate identity

  • warm up

    audience in social networks

  • word of mouth

    radio via promotions

  • sniper

    online advertising

  • partner


We have developed catchy announcements and events for the restaurant. We packed it all into cool design and creative content, including videos. We have created an audience in social networks of 3,200+ active subscribers-customers.
We have set up effective advertising on search, putting calls with requests for table reservations on a stable stream.
In the end, the guys with us learned for the first time what a "full landing" is. It was nice;)

  • +3000

    a new audience
  • full

    boarding on the weekend
  • by 150%

    the average check has grown
  • from 10

    announcements per month
  • - in profit

    changed to +

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