Comprehensive promotion of
European cuisine restaurant

01 September 2020

A mid-range restaurant, for price and quality. The menu is not specific, just a little bit, so nothing has been worked out (menu, dishes, kitchen ingredients, the offer as a whole). The same picture is with the accents of the restaurant itself.

No one understands what they are doing and for whom. Who is the main audience? What should we focus on in the dishes and in the interior? The consequence is a low rating and few customers.

  • "dry" and

    unattractive menu
  • low

    average check
  • gradually

    went into the negative
  • problems

    with rent
  • failures

    in online promotion
  • revive

    restaurant events

  • catchy

    corporate identity

  • optimize

    social network

  • word of mouth

    radio via promotions

  • sniper

    online advertising

  • partner


We went offline and worked out the menu (the cook appreciated it), the wine list, optimized the procurement system + recommended sensible suppliers.
Segmentation of the audience, eliminated unnecessary ones in order to avoid a conflict of interests (the one who comes to drink does not want to sit next to children playing, and vice versa).
We redesigned the site (we don't like to redo it, but there was no way out).
We connected the designer and personalized the interior details.
Trained and scripted staff (yes, there is experience).

Launched a delivery service (trend).

And of course, digital turnkey, fresh as always.

  • full

    boarding on the weekend
  • +3000

    a new audience
  • from 12

    announcements per month
  • loyalty

    regular customers
  • by 170%

    the average check has grown
  • uniqueness


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