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01 September 2020

An interesting case. Just briefly about what you came to us with:

- minimal and passive presence in the network
- assortment with unmarked goods
- unique product (not on the market, according to the customer)

Alas, that's all. But we are not used to it)) As usual, into battle for high-profile results, regardless of the complexity of the introductory conditions. We have learned to make any conditions work for us;)

  • there was no

    understanding how to develop marketplaces
  • no

    dynamics in sales
  • absence

    labeling of goods
  • limited

    in the regions
  • unpresentable

    for partners website
  • strengthen the brand

    corporate identity

  • develop new

    promotion strategies on the marketplace

  • update the site

    under partners

  • implement additional

    sales channels

  • scripts

    + customer support service

  • CRM

    systematized the processes

Now to the main results, theses:

- - launched sales on the marketplace (OZON), constantly optimizing and perfecting advertising companies on this site
- packed social networks and activated appeals through them
- created creative content with bloggers and launched sales through them

By the way, their product turned out to be not unique (it is on the market) and very expensive, giving way to competition in price. Despite this, the customer was provided with sales.

  • 1.5 times

    increased sales
  • grew up

    loyalty to the company
  • business processes

    as in the palm of your hand
  • cool website

    attracting partners
  • by 2 times

    scaled production volumes
  • went beyond

    Russia (Kazakhstan, Belarus, Azerbaijan, etc.)

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