for the manufacturer of sliding structures

February 01, 2022

The company is a manufacturer, one of the market leaders. There is its own dealer network. A network of partners, for example, architects, is built up abruptly. Coverage – the whole of Russia and not only. It's very serious.

The frequent change of contractors has led to chaos in contextual advertising accounts. The level of customization as a whole was confusing in its quality. The number of applications has dropped sharply. And "suddenly" Yandex became a monopolist, which affected competition, the cost of services, clicks, etc.

Other tools have not been tested. There were questions to the ux/UI of the site, we didn't like behavioral ones. was incorrectly configured. A large number of organization cards was the reason that none was worked out.

We had to sort everything out, put everything on the shelves, structure and carry out general cleaning.

  • - digital

    there is nothing but
  • falling

    number of applications
  • chaos

    in the settings of advertising accounts
  • bad

  • coverage

    small impressions, not all audiences
  • optimization

  • adjustment

    a site for the right accents and goals

  • launch

    new traffic sources

  • development

    several new sites

  • scripts

    changed the system of working with incoming calls

  • google

    yes, it works =)

To be honest, we started with a complete update of the main corporate website. But this is different. Just so you know.

We analyzed the top 5 competitors in detail, which allowed us to find ourselves and understand the correctness of expenses and delve into budgeting.

Completely went over Yandex.Direct. New RC, new groups, retargeting systems... customization based on new Yandex rules and restrictions; budget optimization.
We have launched new digital tools. Some of them did not give the flow of the necessary orders (the applications were at the lower margin of profitability, not interesting), but as a safety option – excellent.

We have worked with reputation.

  • clean

  • height

  • digital

    everything has been tested, only what you need works
  • x3

    sales from dealers
  • promotion

    in new foreign markets
  • business

    new related directions

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