Comprehensive promotion of
food supermarket

10 May 2022

Offline grocery store, large. Initially, we went to social networks, targeted advertising. Naturally, our graphic design also participated. The management, very difficult to climb, did not want anything, thought that it was already good.
But our financial analysis (yes, and we can do that), according to the data provided by the client, showed the opposite situation – a decrease in the average check and a drop in profits for several years in a row.

  • boring

    template promotions, discounts, delivery, etc.
  • offline

    normal street traffic
  • recognition

    the brand is missing
  • attendance

    allowed not to hire security...
  • low

    average check
  • work out


  • capture

    online space

  • to find


  • blue ocean

    for those who are aware

  • scripts

    + customer support service

  • advanced


Adjusted the overall corporate identity.
We conducted an analysis of commodity demand and stock and worked out a priority commodity matrix.
We helped to analyze and implement merchandising (worked out the logic of the purchase).

We created a new brand and successfully launched a chain of bakeries on the basis of the store.

Organized and conducted the successful opening of the second store.
They also launched a grocery delivery service.
On everything fresh, they threw all the most effective of digital.

We work with reputation (SERM).
We regularly conduct a general financial analysis on our own initiative. You never know what.

  • growth by 450%

    average check
  • + 6600

    dedicated audience
  • more

    hired cashiers
  • loyalty

    repeat orders
  • new products

    + dealers in Russia
  • reviews

    from local bloggers

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