Promotion of two directions:
beauty salon chain and cosmetics sale

September 10, 2021

Cool store with good service, large assortment, loyal pricing policy. They were placed only on two marketplaces, the setup of work processes and sales were weak. There were problems with the organization of logistics warehouse processes, return logistics, labeling under WB.

A small network of beauty salons, based on their own supplies of cosmetic products. The strategy of opening salons is locations in new residential complexes, so the essence of the promotion was to work in the relevant local social publics, distributing flyers and sundresses.

  • weak

  • no

    triggers to trust
  • limited

    in the methods of promotion
  • 0 speakers

    in sales growth
  • problems

    with marking
  • update the strategy

    promotions on marketplaces

  • implement new

    fertile tools

  • solve the issue

    with marking ;)

  • building a reputation

    trust triggers and reviews

  • working with the brand

    first style, positioning and recognition

  • CRM

    systematize processes

We love offline processes, so, of course, we got in there. Automated accounting of warehouse operations and sales system, packaged in CRM. We have launched two additional sites (it is necessary). Partially located on Avito. We connected an effective set of marketplaces with an emphasis on OZON and scaled sales by 2.5 times.

There was a lot of work with the brand and algorithms for working with clients in the salons. It's a long time to write. Everything was good and it got even better.

Became partners. This is the most important thing.

  • from 0 to 4.7

    raised the rating of the organization in Yandex
  • in 2.5

    sales increased
  • scaled

    new regions
  • leading sellers

    in its market segment
  • more

    partners in Russia
  • increased awareness

    through bloggers

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