Turnkey promotion of a full-cycle car service

September 10, 2021

Rating car service according to Yandex. Cool service, high-quality repairs. There are a lot of nuances in services, a lot of restrictions (for example, reception only by appointment).

A complex project. Not all digital tools are suitable or ineffective. Of the ads, only offline ones were used: billboards and a sundress.

  • good

    rating on the Cards and that's it...
  • offline

    billboards and sundress
  • unstable

    traffic dynamics
  • permanent

    customers get lost
  • perplexity from

    the flow of customers from neighbors competitors
  • update

    corporate identity

  • declare

    about yourself online

  • earn

    a warm audience in social networks

  • catchy

    landing page

  • create triggers

    increasing trust

  • upgrade

    reach and recognition

Detailed advantages. Updated the site. We tested all the digital that we could find and come up with. Worked out a reputation, fashionable serm.

As a result, we got the optimal solution and the result for a given budget and set limits. Excellent relations with the client, we regularly hold brainstorming meetings.

  • +2000

    warm audience in VK
  • heavy loading

  • by 40%

    the number of records has grown
  • expanded

    parking for customers
  • from 4.7 to 5.0 points

    finished off the rating on the Maps
  • grew up

    s/p of the masters themselves

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