Turnkey promotion
for event agency

September 10, 2021

One day, on the recommendation of previous clients, the owner of the event agency, the organizer of the holidays, contacted us. However, in his eyes, the holiday was not noticed. He complained about the following problems of his business: a small flow of orders, of those orders that come in - some "small fish" for mini-corporate parties, and some customers generally break down in the process.

We understood that these were not real problems, but only symptoms. After all, then he came to us with nothing, in the literal sense - 2 costumes, 2 actors ... just like that. For us, the more difficult, the more interesting.

The tasks were set, not inferior in ambition, to the development of the latest model of iron man;)

  • in the red

    from trying to promote
  • 0 orders

    for the last month
  • invisibles

    in your market
  • low

    Scale: 2 actors, 2 costumes
  • they wanted to close

    the lack of a result is demotivating
  • to create

    landing page

  • positioning

    it's time to try on a super suit;)

  • to determine

    sources of the target audience

  • building a reputation

    we pay attention to reviews

  • corporate identity

    design-packaging also solves;)

  • create unique

    properties on the background of the market

We created and launched the best website in the niche (praised the PIK Group of Companies). We launched a turnkey digital: packaging and content-making in social networks, with the development and warming up of the audience; implemented a unique promotion strategy on Avito; configured and activated contextual advertising in Yandex.Direct. There were some other chips, but this is already classified information;)

The client asked to stop work for a while, as there were too many orders. Instead of two actors, the client hired more than 10.

  • more than 10

    actors had to be hired
  • the best website

    on the market (praised GC "PIK")
  • stopped work

    oversupply of applications
  • organize an event

    for large companies
  • from 15 to 1220

    warm subscribers in VK
  • from 10 to 60 thousand

    the growth of the average s / p of actors

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