Promotion in digital
of a group of companies for complex food supplies

01 September 2020

The company (GC) is one of many. The competition is very high. Each competing company has a minimum of unique properties. The market is practically divided. The fight is for new customers.

There was no digital at all. Since the company's management was critical of many modern things, no one really went to the Internet. A large and expensive staff of sales managers was engaged in accompanying current customers and trying to catch newly opening potential ones with a cold call.

  • difficult

    find online
  • none

    dynamics in sales
  • reduction

  • distrust

    towards digital marketing
  • permanent losses

    customers every month
  • rebranding

    update the corporate identity

  • operating time

    partner networks

  • denote

    unique advantages

  • cool and

    selling site

  • scripts

    + customer support service

  • CRM

    systematized the processes

Of course, they got into offline processes. Updated 1C, automated logistics, integrated routing, optimized planning and transportation costs. On the basis of 1C, an online monitoring system of production processes was created. Next is our favorite digital.

We have carried out a complete rebranding. From the logo, the rules for using corporate colors, packaging to car branding. We made a new website (the old one feels good in organic, since it is more than 10 years old, but is not suitable for attracting new customers), connected all possible digital tools, tested, disabled inefficient ones (working with the creation and search for new development and promotion tools is an ongoing process).

The most important thing is to find new customer markets.

  • returned

    old customers
  • by 35%

    growth of new customers
  • new

  • scaling

    to other regions
  • on "armament"

    effective digital tools
  • 1.5 times

    increased s/p to employees

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