Start up
of a country recreation park

07 March 2021

A small park in the Vsevolozhsky district, on the shore of a picturesque lake. Grill area, gazebos, benches, tents... It would seem that what else is needed for happiness? Need.

The management of the park let me down. Two partners with logic from the distant 90s tried to build the work of the park on conceptual relationships, which led to easy chaos, low service, high staff turnover and the inability to connect at least something modern to work (for example, a booking system).

The visitors of the park were (it was the visitors, not the customers, since not everyone paid) residents of nearby areas and random people. Word of mouth was working. It is important that it worked not exactly as a source of good traffic, but more as a source of negative reviews in VK groups.

  • chaos

    there is no process structure
  • empty

    few customers and little money
  • reviews

    one negative
  • there is no service

    the visitor is left to himself
  • minimum of services

    + their poor quality
  • partnership

    entered the capital into the LLC

  • website

    recognizable basis in digital

  • people

    we have formed a motivational system

  • digital

    launched all the necessary promotion tools

  • SERM

    working with reputation: reviews, feedback, reviews

  • tenants

    favorable conditions for tenants (cafes, services, etc.)

  • service

    booking system, customer support

The most difficult thing was to restrict access to the park to those visitors who did not want to pay, came to sit in the woods or sleep in a tent, despite fences, signs, etc. Partly decided by strengthening security, partly by turning malicious defaulters into loyal customers.

A convenient booking system and care for visitors, increased safety for children – allowed us to attract corporate clients; sometimes, on a permanent basis.

Tenants have created a decent range of services: from motocross and wakeboarding to glamping.

  • investors

    joint projects
  • profit

    the park's revenue has grown significantly
  • 5.0

    rating on maps
  • scale

    more territory, more services, more money
  • automation

    many processes work autonomously

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