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for a top real estate agency

September 10, 2021

Subjectively – ordinary real estate agency. No unique features, advantages. Typical bonuses and promotions for clients, which most of the market has. Only offline sales: the work of agents and the purchase of expensive leads on the side (a cat in a poke).

But there is a good office on Nevsky! this is a plus =).

We are repacking the main direction of the secondary and launching a new direction of new buildings, packaging already turnkey; with the main source of traffic of different types - Yandex.Direct. There was also Google, but for all known reasons, it died.

  • few

    reach and clicks
  • customers

    merged in the process
  • negative

    reviews on Maps
  • competitors

    knocked out of the market
  • could not

    highlight the advantages
  • improve

    reputation on the cards

  • refresh

    corporate identity

  • log in to new

    traffic channels

  • output analytics

    to the advanced level

  • warm up the audience

    via social networks

  • work out the USP

    distinguish from competitors

Supplemented the brand.
We have created a huge multifunctional real estate portal .
We launched digital on a limited budget.
Replaced expensive leads with applications at the best price.

In addition to Direct, Avito, Zen, a smart mailing system and many, many other things were eventually launched.

In such highly competitive niches, much, if not everything, rests on the budget. It is very difficult to work with tools that have been dominated for decades by companies with budgets of more than 10 million, having 30-60 thousand rubles on hand. But even in such conditions, we are effective.

  • + 4

    salesman to the office
  • 4.8 rating

    on Yandex.Maps
  • + 5500 new

    audiences in social networks
  • secured

    proven reputation
  • started

    word of mouth
  • recognition

    brand has increased

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