Development of a school diary RNE Centre

April 18, 2022

Finalize the website and develop a diary

The site solves its task, but is outdated from a visual point of view. The task is to update the corporate identity without changing the entire site. Create a logo.

The basis is to develop an electronic diary of a teacher, parent, student, that is, to create an individual interface in which the teacher will be able to keep online records of all educational nuances, and the parent will be able to track progress, homework, etc. at any time.

What have we done?

We made a logo, partly a mascot. The site header and menu were developed on the basis of corporate colors. Of course, this is not a standard die-cap. =)

We have created a multifunctional diary in the style of a common corporate identity, with a system of personal accounts with varying degrees of access. We have implemented a statistics system that collects data on academic performance, attendance, etc.
Implemented a system of student statuses and a system of visitor alerts.

What did the client get?

Updated corporate identity. Recognition. The website has become visually more pleasant and relevant.

Diary. A full-fledged work tool for teachers. A convenient monitoring and monitoring tool for parents. Competitive advantage in the service market.The main thing is ease of use, which means comfort in work.

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