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April 18, 2022

Order a bread delivery website

It was necessary to create a concise website (we call it a "deep landing") for the delivery of pies. In the process of communicating with the client, it became clear that it would not be limited to pies: pizzas, rolls, bread, etc.

There were no clear functional requirements, but we understood that food delivery implies a flexible system of interaction with visitors.

We decided to create a multifunctional landing page

We have made each block of the site a different section in a specific direction with the ability to open all products with a separate pop-up.
For each product, a card was developed indicating the BZHU and other useful dynamic data.
We have developed a system of promotions and discounts that are loaded into the order depending on the amount and address.
We have implemented a system of SMS notifications to customers. Programmed the ability to independently change sections and categories on the site.

What did the client get?

A multifunctional food delivery site in a single-page shell, at a very loyal cost, I must say. =)
And we did a little more, adjusting the system of work and adding several third-party services.

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