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April 18, 2022

Development of a website for the presentation and sale of English language courses

Any project requires a separate solution. We use only analytical, creative and systematic approaches to each specific task. It is impossible to create a successful project, I work according to a template. Where some tools work effectively, in another application they may not work at all.

We listen carefully to the customer, we recommend

Analyzing, selecting tools/solutions

Abstracting from competitors, introducing "offers"

Prototyping, testing

Launching, testing again

Support, adjust

The design should be a continuation of the idea and speak clearly about the product.

All sites are typical, like a carbon copy

As always, analyzing the competitive base, it became clear that all sites are typical, like a carbon copy. Moreover, they are boring and sometimes difficult. Therefore, it was not so difficult to build your own project and be out of this boredom.

The training should be clear, simple, attractive – the design should be the same. As always, the beauty was seasoned with unobtrusive animation.

"Great job, super, looks great, really liked it"

These are not just words – this is a quote from the customer. It's very nice when they hear us, when they understand and participate.

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