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April 18, 2022

Before ordering the development of a website – think over the business.

Or come up with ... =) The client did the right thing, ordered separate landing pages for each business area, with their own accents, in a single style, but conceptually different.

In addition to the necessary elements and forms, we added a little creativity.

Order website promotion – business promotion on the Internet

Website development is the art of combining the tastes of the designer and the client. Website promotion is a business within a business, talents are needed. We have.

We looked at the search results in the specified directions – it's sad: templates, standards, poor quality. We are glad that the client decided to order the development of the site from us, and we are glad that there is an opportunity to dilute the output with good work, which is exactly different from the gray monotony.

What did the client get?

A multifunctional website in a single-page shell, at a very loyal cost, I must say. =)
And we did a little more, adjusting the system of work and adding several third-party services.

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