Website development for the studio Sunflower

April 18, 2022

The client wanted to order the development of a video service website and an online store

A creative studio that creates handmade items wanted to present and sell products on the Internet, as well as sell educational videos on creating soft toys. The main condition is clear personal accounts of the administrator and the visitor, the ability to edit sections independently.

We offered to create a website and functionality from scratch, as always =).

In addition to the necessary elements and forms, we added a little creativity.

Order website promotion – business promotion on the Internet

The web designer has developed a unique system of transitions between sections, created a pleasant and user-friendly interface, and came up with a logic for displaying reporting data.

The developers came up with a system of paid access to video, synchronized video placement with Vimeo, created data structures for display in interfaces, screwed laconic animations of elements.

We don't talk about adaptability, uniqueness, a good CMS, it's always there.

What did the client get?

A multifunctional web service that includes a full-fledged commercial system, a reporting system, and a video resource.

Not counting the standard elements of the website.

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