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June 18, 2021

Website development for a construction company

Thanks to an effective dialogue with the customer, a solid one-page website turned out. A little unusual, unlike all those "landing pages" that we meet on the web, because we do not work in the "if only it were" format.

Each project should be not just to sell, for example, but to cover all possible needs of visitors, while being unique.

Web design is a technically correct art

When developing websites, designers often use blanks, templates, "run-in" solutions. As a result, it turns out well. But without a soul. All projects are similar to each other.
There is no individuality, no style. But after all, web design is also an art, just divided into rules and some requirements.

The designer's task is to combine everything in a single work – this is a real skillful project that works on the Internet.

Again without a brief

It is difficult to work without a brief. The worst thing is that the client does not always understand this. It's good when he understands and says at the end of the work: "Considering that we worked without a brief and without any specifics, I am satisfied with the result."

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