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April 18, 2022

Do you design houses? Don't forget to order the website development!

Unique design without breaking the rules

Everyone is already tired of the template structure of sites with the same arrangement of blocks, texts and active elements, so we do not go this way. Our super designers work and make it unique and interesting every time, without depriving the project of the necessary interface design rules.

It's difficult without a brief, but you can

Often we work on a hunch, because the client wants a project, but does not know which one. We work blindly, trying to guess and we succeed. Of course, the client participates, helps, corrects.

In such work, it is important that the client understands that we make our product, taking into account all his wishes, but WE do what we know how, and not how the client tells us. When we hear each other, it's not a shame to put the work on the shelf in the portfolio.

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