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April 18, 2022

Creating a website for business is just the beginning

The rapid formation of the web design market has affected the quality and cost of services. It has become too expensive to order the development of a website. Of course, you can do it cheaper, but the result is likely to disappoint. We want to restore the balance, realizing that any business needs packaging, at least a landing page, which will receive traffic.
Therefore, we select the ideal option for any budget. It is not only possible to order the development of a website, but it is also necessary!

The main thing is that the client clearly understands what he needs. He knew his product, accents, advantages, etc. With a small budget, you can not afford to "think" in the process of creating a website, forcing a web designer to sweat.
After all, budget work should be within the budget.=)

Order business promotion by saving a little on web design

There is nothing wrong with a budget project (especially if the result is still good), if further work on packaging and business promotion on the Internet is expected. This approach is beneficial to both sides. The client begins to find himself on the Internet, presents his services, earns, and the studio, has developed a budget website or even at cost, gets a regular client, a good case and also earns. This is the balance we are talking about.
You can't do it just for the sake of money, maximum profit. It is necessary to do so, to form the offer and requirements so that everyone is comfortable and financially.

The correct construction of the structure is important, the rules are important to convey information quickly and clearly. Just ordering a website is not enough. You need to think everything through, create a unity of the client and web designers and then there will be a result.

Fast and inexpensive

Customer feedback: "There was no money. I had to start somewhere. We got into it, we went to meet them, we did everything. I'm a hard worker myself, the measures were forced. Everything is fine, I'm working."

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